Gauge Bundle Carrier

Gauge Bundle Carrier

Equipment Description

Alalamia oil services Provides a wide range of gauge carriers for deploying one to four memory gauges in line or beneath the tubing string or drill pipe. The carriers are designed to minimize fluid flow restriction while maintaining high burst and collapse pressures. These carriers can be configured for measuring both internal (tubing) and external (annulus) pressures.

Data from these recorders provides invaluable information. Pressure profiles obtained during well stimulation provide a record of the efficiency of the operation. Changes in bottom hole pressure immediately following casing perforation can be used to determine the potential effects of near wellbore damage. Canada Tech’ gauge bundle carrier is a cost effective solution for conveying multiple memory gauges in a tubing string or drill pipe. Canada Tech’ gauge bundle carrier allows wireline operations to be run.


  • Drill Stem Testing.
  • Hydraulic Fracturing.
  • Chemical Treatments.
  • Gravel Packing.
  • Well Stimulation.
  • Production monitoring and artificial lift control.
  • Injection pressure monitoring.
  • Reservoir evaluation and well testing.

Primary Features:

  • High Tensile Strength.
  • Capability to Measure Internal or External Pressures.
  • Metal to Metal Seals with Double O-Ring Backup.
  • High Burst/Collapse Resistance.
  • 2 – 4 Gauge Carrying Capacity.
  • Thread Connections to Fit Your String.
  • Full-bore flow area through the ID of the tool.
  • H2S and CO² corrosive environments.