H2S Services Lubricator (Rated to 10,000psi)

H2S Services Lubricator (Rated to 10,000psi)

Equipment Description

Slickline Pressure Control Equipment H2S Services

(Rated to 10,000psi)


Ø    Corrosion Resistant Tube made from high strength NACE Certified Stainless Steel

  • Quick unions are coupled through Premium Elmar Lite Coupling:

–                    Tube-to-union seal is metal-to- metal backed-up by O-Ring

  • Special handling tools supplied. Calibrated torque is not required

Ø    Bending stresses at the thread undercut are minimized

  • OTIS®; Union:

3” ID with 8ft long with threaded 5 ¾” – 4 ACME (3.000″ seal dia)