Heavy duty Slickline Unit

Heavy duty Slickline Unit

Equipment Description

Rig Safe Operation with 3/16″ stainless steel Wire.

A)         Power Pack

Power source is on a single chassis equipped with four (4) adjustable jacks and four

(4) castor wheels. The whole load is Heli-portable, with four (4) legged slings maximum weight including hydraulic oil and diesel oil not to be more that 3,000 lbs.

  • Diesel engine, 90 HP.
  • Rig safe with non spark starter, anti-static fan belt, exhaust lagging non asbestos, spark arrestor, over speed trip and overheating trip. The temperature of the exhaust gasses doesn’t exceed 300oC.

The surface temperature of the engine and exhaust gases doesn’t exceed 250oC under full load condition. Explosion vent is provided on crankcase of more than 0.5m3.

B)         Reel Pack

The winch is on a single chassis equipped with four (4) adjustable jacks and four (4) castor wheels.

The side of the winch Specifications
  • Gear box four (4) speeds c/w double key way on the shaft and also in coupling and adjoining shaft.

Reel capacity 20,500 feet of 3/16″ wire (stainless steel).

  • It has a maximum line speed of: 2,200 feet per minute at surface 900 feet per minute at 20,000 feet.
  • It has a maximum line pull of:

4,000 lbs. at surface

9,000 lbs. at 20,000 feet.

  • The power pack and reel pack contains the following features: Engine oil temperature

Engine oil pressure

Engine RPM’s (to also monitor the engine time) Throttle

Hydraulic oil temperature Hydraulic oil pressure

Accessory Equipment
  1. Martin Decker weight indicator 0-6,000 lbs. on the operator console complete with 100 feet of hose and connection to connect a Martin Decker weight indicator.
  2. Counter Head Assembly (feet) for 3/16″ wire.
  • Veeder Root Counter Assembly (feet) and mounted on the operating console.