Memory Gauges Shortline III

Memory Gauges Shortline III

Equipment Description

Memory Gauges Advantages and Sample Reports:

Zero Failure.

Canada Tech (Omega) gauges are worldwide used & run.

Very high accuracy is granted for High & Low Pressure Range.

Durability, Innovation and Ease of operation.

High Stability.

Canada Tech Memory Tools are designed for both short-term and long-term monitoring requirements.

Have proven reliable in the toughest of oil field environments, including sour services.

Memory Tool Applications:

Drill Stem Test. Frac Monitoring. Gradient Surveys.

H2S & CO2 Corrosive Environments. Injection Pressure Monitoring.

Interference Test.

Multiple Well Surveys without Programming. Perforation Monitoring.

Past Stimulation Evaluation. Pressure Build-Up Tests.

Pressure Draw Down Tests.

Production Monitoring & Artificial Lift Control. Production Optimization.

Reservoir Evaluation & Well Testing. Static, Flow & Build-Up Surveys.

Stimulation Monitoring.

Shortline III Features

Memory Gauge Shortline III

  • Shortest tool in its class.

Shortline Memory Gauge is the shortest available in its class and is ideal for applications where longer gauges are difficult to use. At only 7.83” long and with a 1.25” diameter, the Shortline is compact, robust and ideal for short rig-up wireline and gauge carrier applications.

  • Using a single detachable ‘C’ size Battery Pack, it is capable of recording data for up to a year or more helping our clients to perform longer downhole surveys.
  • Pressure range (10K PSI – 15K PSI).
  • Temperature range (177oC – 350oF).
  • Memory capacity 1,000,000 records.
  • Very high accuracy.   (0.02% full scale)
  • Very high resolution. (0.0001% full scale)

Ø    Can run multiple jobs without re-programming.

  • No require for any additional lubricators.
  • Unique electronics assembly is less susceptible to shock and vibration.
  • The best quality in the market till now.
  • Fast Response Time.
  • Low Noise Resulting in higher Data Quality.
  • Auto self program by default (1 Sample rate every 30 Seconds). “No Human Error”.
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