Surface logging Tool “SLT300”

Surface logging Tool “SLT300”

Equipment Description

The SLT300 is used in surface pressure applications.

It transmits data wirelessly to a computer or handheld device using the ZigBee protocol as well as displays and records the data. This wireless tool is ideal for many high priority applications where cables are undesirable. The Gauges are interchangeable with the Logger Assembly.

You can monitor from the office the following:

  • Well head monitoring
  • Workover monitoring
  • Stimulation monitoring
  • Frac monitoring
  • Injection pressure monitoring
  • Pipeline monitoring

SLT300   (Surface Logging Tool)

Advantage of the tool:

  • More accurate than dead weight tester
  • Wireless Tool
  • Avoid the human error
  • Provide more data point (pressure and temp.)
  • Easy installation
  • Wireless Transmission
  • Swappable SD Card
  • Ultra efficient Display
  • Low noise resulting in higher data quality
  • Multi-gauge capable
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