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Engine Oils

Motor / Diesel - Engine oils

Marine Engine Oil

Two Stroke Engine Oils

Storage / Flushing Oils

Manual Gear Oil
Automatic Transmission Fluids
Agricultural Tractor OIL
Transmission oils Heavy duty TDTO

Gear Oils

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ATF for Automotive / Agricultural Tractor Oil :

Transmission Fluid ( Heavy duty ) :

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Industrial Oils

Industrial gear oils :

Hydraulic oils :

Turbine oils :

Air Compressor oils :

Refrigeration Compressor oils :

Slide Way oils :

Circulating oils :

Circulating oils :

Spindle oils :

White (Paraffines) oils :

Metal Working Fluids

Metal Working oils :


Others :


Hydraulic brake fluid (DOT4) / Coolant :


Greases :

Greases :