Downhole Tools

Liner Hangers

AVENTUS offers Liner hangers for applications in Vertical, Low-Inclination and Horizontal wellbores. Both Mechanical Set and Hydraulic Set Liner Hangers are designed for durability, high hanging capacities and large bypass areas. Rotating Liner hangers are equipped with high capacity bearings to facilitate drill down and rotation during cementing


Production Packers

A production packer is a standard component of the completion hardware of oil or gas wells used to provide a seal between the outside of the production tubing and the inside of the casing, liner, or wellbore wall.

Based on their primary use, packers can be divided into two main categories: production packers and service packers. Production packers are those that remain in the well during well production. Service packers are used temporarily during well service activities such as cement squeezing, acidizing, fracturing and well testing.

Bridge Plug and Cement Retainer

A device used to seal a subterranean well of hydrocarbons at a downhole location; may have removable features. Also known as a frac plug.

aventus Oil Tools developed the bridge plug and cement retainer with their accessories. This tool is used for the isolation of wellbore. There are two types, either it will be a permanent type or retrievable type. aventus oil tools has Both type. It may be set mechanically or hydraulically. This tool is easily convertible in bridge plug to cement retainer and vise versa.