QM200 Quartz Memory Gauges

QM200 Quartz Memory Gauges

Equipment Description

The QM200 Quartz Memory Gauge is Ideal for use in high Pressure and temperature environments reaching 200oC

The integration of a QuartzDyne® hybrid digital transducer with industry leading electronics has transpired into an extremely durable

3.6 Volt Quartz tool. QM200 utilizes a 2CC Cell Lithium battery resulting in increased battery efficiency.

QM200 is designed to withstand the hardest downhole environments.

Qm200 delivers data with accuracy, resolution and long term stability that is unmatched by competitors.


  • Highest quality data assured in any environment.
  • Fits into standard downhole Gauge Carriers.
  • Materials such as Hastelloy and Inconel are used in the manufacture to help combat corrosion effects associated with use in HPHT hostile wells.
Sensor range16K PSI
Accuracy   typical± 0.015% FSO
Long -term stability0.1% FSO
Drift0.02% FSO per year
Resolution0.008 psi/sec
Range177°C – 350°F
Accuracy± 0.15°C
Repeatability± 0.01°C
Resolution0.005°C per sec
Diameter1 ¼”
Battery type2 CC Lithium
Operating Voltage3.2 to 3.9 V
  Battery Life  More than 1 Year
Sampling interval0.1 sec to 1 hour
Capacity1,000,000 records
Record contentsTime, pressure, temperature
MaterialInconel 718
ServiceStandard and H2S